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Ok, so I am having yet another life crisis. What is it related to, you ask? WHAT IS IT ALWAYS RELATED TO?! Life, school, my career. Because now, of course, that I can look at classes for next semester, I had to go and organize my class list for all the classes I need for my major, only to discover that the reason I am taking the major (costuming) is very limited. I will only be able to take 3 or 4 classes in it! And only AFTER taking classes in 4 other classes that I have no interest in!!! :( I am very much not pleased. So I thought, "Ok, is there something else I can do with my major..?" Sure, but that takes me back to the problem of, "WHAT THE HELL AM I GONNA DO WITH MY LIFE??!?!"

I wrote a FB post a while ago about this same problem and it is those reponses that haunt me now. "Don't do what you love because then you'll hate it," "It doesn't matter because as long as you have a degree it isn't important what it's in," etc. I plan on being a writer, but I was thinking to myself, "What if I forget about it? What if I get so caught up in my costuming that I completely forget to write, my main love in life?" Or worse, "What if I major in theatre, take all those crap classes, and then get bored with my costuming because I'll be doing it so much?!" The thoughts created an endless loop of loathing, hate, confusion, and general panic.

So now I'm confused again, seeking help again, to sort it all out.

Thoughts I've Had:::
1) I could be a costumer, own my own shop for corsets and the like. But what if I get bored with sewing all the time and don't do my work and then commissions don't get done on time. What if I forget to keep writing? Since getting into costuming, my writing has surely taken a hit! DX

2)I could just be a writer, get a part time job somewhere. I will be broke. Always.

3) I could get my degree in anthropology and work in a museum, maybe on clothes. It could be opened into fieldwork, even. But I don't know how much time that leaves me to write, again. Though this option looks better than the costuming now. But I really have fun doing the costuming, I just don't want to do all the crap classes. At least in anthro all the classes are fun. hmmm.... Maybe I could be an anthro major with a minor in creative writing, and then do my costuming and then if I get bored with it I could get a museum job, or move to europe and work in the field..... i dunno though.... goddamnit.... HALP.

4) I could go into accounting, or restaurant management. I hate math, but I love keeping books for businesses. Taking stock, looking over inventory, and the like. Dunno what that job would be though....

What I really want to do is drop out of college, say fuck all of this, buy a cabin in the mountains, surrounded by woods, with its own personal glade, within drivin distance of the ocean, and write books for the rest of my life. But that's not really a feasible desire, is it? No. Because I'm already so far into debt and loans with college that I might as well fucking finish the damn thing!

I hate this.

I want a hug.


So. I must be insane. Absolutely freaking bonkers. *sighs* I've decided, on a whim, without much deliberation, due to a mention in passing, to participate in NaNoWriMo this year. National Novel Writing Month. 50,000 words in one month, thats 30 days. O.o I dunno how well this is going to go.... but, to what I imagine will be the utter amusement of LJ watchers, I'm going to post once a week on LJ and sparkpeople about my progress and the more interesting breakdowns that occur during NaNoWriMo.
All support, even from strangers, is welcomed and encouraged (Hell, I'd beg if I had no dignity....Wait... Oh nvm)
So Gimme a shout! Or a post... Posts work too...

It's been so long...

 HEYLA, LiveJournal!!! So, who missed me?? XD Sorry for the lack of posting, been busy getting ready for school. 

An update on my life is thus:
1. I'm still dating my lovely and loving boyfriend, Connor. <3
2. My lappie has gone AWOL. I am not pleased.
3. I have a serious WoW addiction... DAMNIT, CONNOR!!!
4. I'm going to NKU instead of UK come Fall due to a minor anxiety attack and a few other factors.
5. I have received a chainmaille apprenticeship for the duration of the Renaissance Festival and will be helping to work my mentors booth at the Festival. XD
6. I had an absolutely amazing time at the ocean and can't wait to go back, whenever that might be. Minus quite so much sun-burn...
7. I hope to have the first rough draft of my current book (see previous posts) completed by March. 
8. We got a new house, are renovating and should be moved in completely by the end of next week. XD

I don't really know what else to say about what's happened in the last few weeks. It's been busy though... VERY much so...

A Trip to the Ocean

      Sooooooooo, does everyone remember how I was going on a trip to the ocean this weekend? Don't worry, I still am. Only so many people have canceled!!! URGH!!!! DX DAMN IT PEOPLE THIS IS WHY I HAD YOU CONFIRM!!! So now the group of travelers is down to me, Victoria, Marilyn, and Sara.... From 8 girls.... Yea. Luckily it still works out financially. Barely, but it does. *nods*
   The plan is to leave Friday morning around 6am and to arrive in Jekyll Island, GA by 6pm. It's an 11hour drive, plus stops for nomming and breaks from driving. *groans* But will be worth it, because I will finally be able to see the ocean, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!!!! *does happy-squee dance* Me and the girls who are still coming will be camping out for the weekend, spending all day saturday on the beach, and coming home sunday. Not much of a vacation but 1) It gets me out of state 2) it gets me to the ocean 3) it gets me to the ocean.... wait....  ^_^
   Will post pictures of the awesomeness that is the ocean when get home....Wait..... Will post them next Monday after I've had a few decent hours of sleep... XD


This is a vent about ridiculously tiny chainmaille rings that seem to reproduce no matter how quickly they are opened or closed and placed into separate containers.

But they dont spawn once they've been opened or closed, thank gods. No, they only reproduce like rabbits when they're in the big bag that they came in. WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING?!?!?!?!?! There's got to be close to ten thousand rings... And I've barely managed to separate/open or close roughly half. And I still have to get them all created into nice little bracelets by the second week of August..... Light candles for me, people; this is gonna be a long month.

This was a death wish, true and sure. OMG, torture!!!! Whose idea was it to make rings that tiny of stainless steel??? I'd like to have a little chat with them... *grumbles of devious and insane plots*.... GRR!!! *trudges back to chainmailling slab and weeps silently as she continues to open and close the demon tiny rings*

AND I still have to finish making my Mums halter top by Sunday.... I'm DOOMED.... HALP!!!! *makes pathetic face of pitiful-ness*

Alright, done with the pity party, back to the torture.

College Major Quiz from Euphrates

Quiz InfoCollapse )

Major quiz I found on mseuphrates LJ, decided to take it. Ironic, I think. I AM majoring in English. XD

Another Random Bit of Story

It was another day of bright sunlight, dark shadows, and the calls of creatures echoing across ruins. In a solitary glade, a mother and daughter played, distant from the world and all its hatred.

The girl-child floated softly above the sun dappled pool, following the brightly colored fish as they darted beneath the crystal waters. The woman smiled indulgently, her eyes tracking the edges of the glade for any signs of human movement, remembering, even as she sat silently beneath an old oak tree, that they mustn't be seen. Not by anyone.

But even as the mother watched for danger, danger watched her back. Albeit a different danger, safer in the way that it meant her child no harm.

A shadow darker than the rest with eyes of golden embers peered through a thick brush of raspberry brambles, watching the small girl playing above the water, delaying its moment of action. The girl floated to shore, landing softly on a moss covered boulder, mere feet away from the waiting shadow, waving eagerly to her mother on the other side of the glade.

The shadow rumbled with annoyance, the girl-pup belonged with its own kind, where she would be safe, not with this feeble human. With less time than it took the girls mother to cry out at the sight of the huge dog, the demon had taken her child and disappeared like smoke in the wind.

The Begining

I think I'm going to use this account to post pieces of stories I'm writing, perhaps some poetry, and anything else that decides to pop into a post. For starters this is the Prologue to a book I'm attempting to write.

~~"December 21, 2021

   The sun shone brightly with no dreary winter clouds to dim its glory as it filtered around buildings and snow dusted trees. Birds sang from ice-heavy branches as a gentle breeze blew loose snow from the limbs. It was the perfect day for the world to end.

   Shadows seemed to move, almost fidgeting in eagerness, as the sun crept higher into the sky and they sank closer to their hosts. Men and women sat at their desks, booting up their computers, preparing for another day at work. Children sat patiently in their seats, some giggling softly, as their teacher attempted to understand the new SMARTBoardPlus. All completely oblivious to the fast moving winds, the gathering of centuries of vengeance, that moved closer and closer to their planet with every breath each human took.

   Some historians said that the Earth shook that day; that the force of the solar flares ripping across the atmosphere nearly broke the planet apart under their pressure. Power grids across the globe shut down, one after the other, until finally the whole planet was still in the wake of the largest solar flare the world would ever know. No cars, no electricity, no power.

   The fidgeting shadows rose, menacing in a new age, calling forth their brethren as they sought to return the Earth to the Oldworld. Only those who could adapt lived on, only half that began survived as magic once more took hold of an arrogant world."~~